1. stephan kocher says:

    just I saw a niiice movie, very short. A hudeg animal gets stuck in a lake, it can no mor go out, always slippers back. THE A CROCODILE COMES AND PUSHES IT OUT BY FORCE. The hiudge anymal hayy and go

    you see, you see!!! Crocodile not always bad!!!! Belve me belive me
    Sometimes COMPASSION of an ANIMAL veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery nice
    Try to love madly butterflies, whe the rescogniceit, when the feel your love, they go mad, and love you back with sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeetest love

  2. stephan kocher says:

    Why do you have POPO sooooo round?

    My mother has given it to me!

    And what she gives to me?

    You can have it, but you must put 3 flowers in teh valley!

    So I go and buy 30 Flowers and you will stay 1o days,

    I will stay. But whoich chhek you prefer?

    5 Days i will put my head on teh left cheek
    5 Days on the right one.

    And what does it bring to me?

    I will bring to you a flowerGarden
    for I need this calm rest in the night.

    Why do you need calm rest on cheek?
    Because you need it tooo!

    What? What?

    There is a heartsWisdom in it
    and soon then you also will take it

    So come and rest. It is therefore the best.
    Hearing this I have tears in my eyes ant take rest.

    Then she also cries and cries. and many past pains are the whashed away
    So when we die, we will no more cry for the needed was done now.


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