1. stephan kocher says:

    Look please! Often it is sayd: A man looking such picts is primitive.
    If he is primitive, he is it alos without looking.
    But if he is not primitive, it is a projection.

    Eice primum trabem de
    oculo tuo, et tunc videbis.
    Zieh zuerst den Balken
    aus deinem Auge!
    Dann wirst du klar sehen.
    Math. 7.5

    How to solve the problem, that a man does not fall when clothes fall?
    There is a beautiful solution, someone gave me in India

  2. Tomasz Hansz says:

    I am a big fan of the Tantot twins. They’re beautiful. I’ve seen that you’re often posting them mixed up. So it’s mixed this time too. Pauline is only on the first photo, on the rest of them is Mathilde. Just saying.

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