1. Eddie Garcia says:

    Let me tell you I really really think that you are amazingly beautiful and absolutely sexy sexy and to me I think that you look so soo Dammmmmmmm hott and lovely and fine when you are wearing brute pink and white and I have to say you have one luscious sweet sweet and I bet very tasty tasty butt and your eyes got to be the hottest set of bed room eyes that just looking into them you would be able to get me to say and do anything you wanted me to do and I guess I might as well tell you the last part….
    For the last 25 years or a little more I have been sliding on a different girls pair of THONG or G-STRING PANTIES off and on when I’ve been single and I would love just love love to be able to slip on a kinky nasty sluty little small tiny pair of PANTIES to be able to get into bed and fall asleep so PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE say that you will mail me one of your older pairs that you don’t wear anymore PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE

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