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  1. stephan kocher says:

    There is a hidden harmony. In holiday in Greece I told: Stop this silly nonsense now!! Such simple things you shoud accept, do accept now! (stop now preventing me to come in conatct with a woman. Stop it! There were three with rare Body-Heart-Unity. I would have taken care of theyr parents, oncles … in health and hopital. Stopp hammering down my compassion) I told them if you do not stopp, by HIDDEN HARMONY someone will heavily attac woman on a beach. There is a balancing hidden harmony, as Heraclitus has told. The criminal man interpreats it : Woman are arrogant against heartfull me, and maked revenge. And a month later in Nizza it happens. A musilim went with hude car over the seabeach. They cant accept help from someone in higher consciousness.

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